2017 Groundbreaker Individual and Organization Award Winners

Individual Awardee: Scott Mazo

Organization Awardee: Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

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Scott Mazo

Scott Mazo is the Founder and CEO of University Place Associates, a visionary real estate developer dedicated to the highest standards in social responsibility. He has over 30 years of experience promoting responsible development in University City, and he partners with local community groups to best serve residents and visitors alike. Scott’s success at 2.0 University Place has culminated in his latest proposal for the Platinum Corridor at 40th and Market Streets. The series of LEED Platinum buildings shall feature ground floor retail and Class A commercial office space above, including two new speculative office buildings along Market Street called 3.0 University Place and 4.0 University Place. Scott’s ambitious vision to build only LEED Platinum has energized the Philadelphia marketplace, establishing that sustainable design is not a fad or a cost add, but a smart investment for our community and the environment.


Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House
Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House's investment in innovative, energy efficient, and water conservation upgrades has made the charity a model for businesses that conserve energy while saving money. The projects they have implemented saved 31,827 kWhs of energy, and the cost savings and incentives meant that the charity was able to pay back the cost of the retrofit in just 1.4 years.
Even with a 3% increase in their occupancy rate, they have reduced energy costs from over $102,000 to $85,204 over five years. To do this, the non-profit implemented energy efficiency measures including upgrades to inefficient lighting, adding occupancy/motion sensors, installing programmable thermostats, adding a boiler cycling controller, and replacing 66, 20-year-old windows.
The energy efficient retrofits do more than conserve energy, they directly impact the non-profit’s bottom line. Since the retrofit, money saved through efficiency upgrades is re-invested directly into the charity's programs. Through these initiatives, Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House supports the families of seriously ill children by creating a community of comfort and hope.